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Collection, Enforcement and Auditing
Miami-Dade County Tax Collector Marcus Saiz
  Tax Collector
200 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33128
Primary Contact Allen H. Eagle
Convention and Tourist Tax Manager
Phone (305) 375-5587
Fax (305) 375-5594
Additional Staff Predencia Smith, Sr. Tax Specialist & Lead Worker
Phone (305) 375-5584
Additional Staff Mary Washington , Tax Specialist & Administrative Assistant
Phone (305) 375-5595
Additional Staff Jose Tieles , Collection & Enforcement Officer
Phone (305) 375-4499
Additional Staff Archie Brathwaite, Collection & Enforcement Officer
Phone (305) 375-5584
Primary Contact Augustine Agboro, Tax Examiner
Phone (305) 375-5573
Additional Staff Evelyn Nieves, Tax Examiner
Phone (305) 375-5574
Additional Staff Daniel S. Reiste, Tax Examiner
Phone (305) 375-4992
Fax (305) 375-5594
Tourist Development Council
Primary Contact  
Miscellaneous Information
Tourist Tax Rate Varies
Date Local Collection Began 4/88
Tourist Tax 3%
Food & Beverage in Hotels/Motels* 2%
Convention Tax** 3%
Homeless/Spouse Abuse (freestanding restaurants)* 1%
* Not collected in Miami Beach, Surfside and Bal Harbour
** Not collected in Surfside or Bal Harbour
Miami-Dade does not collect for the Cities of Miami Beach, Surfside and Bal Harbour to check their rates please click here. Miami Beach Regional Information.
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