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Shelly Edmonson Flagler 09/02/2020 DOR Contact for Audits

I have been speaking with DOR regarding some audits that we have completed. I asked them who we send audit information to, in order to comply with the RISE agreements. They have asked that I share with you (FTDTA members) the following contact for all audit and registration information correspondence: beth.baker@floridarevenue.com or gary.gray@floridarevenue.com Any questions, please reach out to them directly.

Elizabeth Giaquinto Pinellas 08/13/2020 SS/FEIN (response)

Since the Tourist Development Tax is confidential, we use SSN/FEIN to verify the taxpayer on the phone. We also use this for auditing purposes as well (comparing their Federal Income Tax Return to our county returns).

Shelly Edmonson Flagler 08/06/2020 SS/FEIN (response)

Currently we use SS/FEIN to verify tax payer, future audit verification, and for enforcement purposes.

Pam Blazek St. Lucie County 8/6/20 Social Security Number

Good morning to all! I hope this finds you all well. For the counties collecting the SSN/FEIN, how is this information used (i.e. verify ID, etc.)? Thank you, Pam

Tori Waters Walton Co. 3/27/20 DOR Extension

Just wanted to follow up to these posts with the COVID-19 DOR website addressing the decision reached for extensions: https://floridarevenue.com/taxes/Pages/taxpayerInfoCovid19.aspx Y'all stay healthy! :)

Pam Blazek 3/25/20 COVID-19 RESPONSE

St. Lucie County has not received any requests for extensions yet.

allen eagle Dade 03/25/2020 Checking In

Good morning, I hope all is well with everyone

Allen Eagle Miami-Dade 03/24/2020 COVID-19 RESPONSE

If someone is calling and wanting an extension for February due March 20, 2020, I am explaining that we are not granting it since the funds were being collected in February were before the crisis hit. If they claim there is a cash flow issue, I am telling them to report on the funds they actually collected cash, checks and credit cards. If they have accounts receivable on the books they posted but cannot collect on I am telling them to pay it when they get funds in (hopefully soon). If they claim a staff member that does the payables could not be available I am asking them to send in a check and note and we will post it the last thing before we close the month to give them an extra day or two. For February 2020, I made it quit clear to at least several people that the funds they collected in February belong to the county when they collected it and it is a violation of Florida Law to use these funds to make payroll, cover expenses and other things. We are handing delinquencies on a case by case bases a lot of these places are already closed. We do not have many over 2 months past due. Mostly we are asking to pay what they have, something is better than nothing. For March due April 2020, I informed these people a decision from the Florida Department of Revenue has not been reached. What ever the DOR decides we will go with that and to keep checking on the Florida DOR website.

Shelly Edmonson Flagler 03/24/2020 COVID-19 Response

As of today, Flagler County has not received any requests regarding extensions for the February 2020 rentals. We will not be issuing any extensions, but we will individually assess any requests for waivers for the penalty fee only.

Elizabeth Giaquinto Pinellas 03/24/2020 COVID-19 RESPONSE

In Pinellas County, we have received requests for extensions for the February 2020 taxes. I contacted our local DOR and found out the state is not allowing an extension. Therefore, we are not extending the due date. However, for those experiencing a hardship: small mom and pop type businesses, new motel owners, etc we are waiving the penalty fee and reminding them the interest fee will continue to accrue until the taxes are paid in full. It is important we remember and remind our taxpayers the taxes collected are not to be used to keep their business afloat. These taxes become the funds of the taxing authorities upon collection. We are also advising them to expect an email stating their account is delinquent as we are continuing business as usual. We are working with the taxpayers as best we can, but are sending delinquent emails/letters and making phone calls to collect the tax. Currently, we are not placing a warrant on the accounts that are delinquent for February 2020. However, we have placed a warrant on an account that has several months delinquent since this was not from the impact of the COVID-19.

Melinda Medina Osceola 03/24/2020 COVID-19

Are other counties continuing to pursue collection of delinquent accounts (issuing jeopardy assessment letters, recording tax warrants)? If so, is it handled differently for tax periods before and after January 2020?

Kathleen Steffen Orange 03/18/20 COVID Response

Like Lee County we are also receiving inquiries from dealers for payment extensions and fee waiver. My Director is working on this issue. If other counties have already decided on a response, please share. Thanks

Joan Dehler Lee 3/18/2020 COVID-19

Our county is receiving several requests for tax payment extension due to COVID-19 from hotels and property management companies. Are other counties receiving requests and how are you handling this?

J. Bradley Simmons Duval 9/11/19 Personalized Member Log-in

Props to Web-Pro (FTDTA's web host) and especially to the organization's hard-working and dedicated webmaster, Joan. Stellar work, as always!

Toni Brady Hernando 09/09/2019 Help please

We are starting the process of implementing with Host Compliance and are looking at our existing processes etc. If you could email me directly with any answers to the below I would greatly appreciate it. tbrady@hernandoclerk.org Do you have a registry for Short Term Vacation Rentals? How much do you charge? Which department is responsible for maintaining the registry? Which department collects payment for it if you have one? Which department enforces the license? Do you have a separate Tourist Tax application fee? If so how much do you charge? If you could share whatever ordinances or other legal documentation that governs your practices I would greatly appreciate it.

Jane A. Dubas Lee 9/6/2019 Website Login

That was Easy! Thanks Joan!

Patty Angel Lee 1/17/2018 FTDTA Website

Website looks wonderful. Great job Webmaster Joan!

Mark Kiester Alachua Use of State Attorney

Hello all, we have a taxpayer who is delinquent by an amount too large for an assessment/bank freeze to be effective (i.e., cash on hand falls dramatically short of taxes due). We would like to involve the State Attorney, but we do not know the appropriate approach. Has anyone utilized the State Attorney for collection purposes; and if so, what was your approach (documents, etc.)? Please call 352-870-6393 if you can assist in any way. Thank you!!! Mark Kiester 352-870-6393

Tammy Lee 08-01-17 TEST

Joan the new website looks fantastic ! Great job! :)
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